Monday, 1 October 2012

My top 7 prettiest nail polishes!

Ok, ok I realize that this post would be much better suited during the summer and this post is a teensy weensy bit out of season but hey, who says you can't have bright cute nails during winter? (quite a lot of people actually)  but I don't know..I post...this... :) So here are my top seven (don't ask me why it's seven..I know thats a bit of an awkward number!) prettiest nail polishes!!!

1. Natural Collection shade 2 in pink shimmer. £1.99. Ok, trust me when I say this! The lighting does not do this nail polish any justice! I'm terrible at photography and couldn't sort out the lighting! But seriously, this is such a gorgeous, cute, glittery colour and I simply adore it! Usually when it comes to natural collection nail polishes, they look great in the bottle but when it comes to actually applying them, they're so sheer you can barely see them however with this one it adds such a cute shimmer to your nails and I love it! Additionally you can really never go wrong with Natural collection prices so it's a win-win really! Woo!  

2. Miss Sporty shade 14- unnamed. £1.99 When it comes to nails, Miss Sporty are extremely underrated! I mean, look at that colour!! Isn't it just gorgeous? I adore Miss Sporty nail polishes and I have actually included two in my top seven. This turquoise-y blue appears almost metallic on your nails and creates such a cute effect! Ahh I love it!

3. Barry M shade 279 in Bright pink.  £2.99. I realise that there is very little I have to say about this nail varnish as I know practically everyone is already aware of how wonderful Barry M nail polishes are! Needless to say this colour is so cute and I wear it so frequently! (Again, my rubbish camera does it no justice at all)

4. Miss Sporty shade 13- unnamed. £1,99. Heh heh, yes another Miss Sporty one, but I don't think you realize how much I love their nail polishes! If only I had a decent camera and was good at photography and lighting and could paint my nails neatly and didn't have such awful cuticles you would see just how amazing this nail polish is! This is such a pretty lilac, it's quite similar to Barry M's one in shade 308- cream purple however it is slightly darker. 

5. LCN shade 115- unnamed. Around £4.95 (May differ) This is the only nail polish in my list that isn't available in drugstores and I usually have to purchase mine online: ( however I love LCN nail polishes as their colours are so beautiful! This colour  is probably my favorite as it appears pink on your nails however when it cathces the light is appears puple- I just love it! 

6. Claire's shade 46 unnamed. £2.00. Oh my goodness, if I could marry a nail polish, I would marry this one! It is so pretty and very faint which is why I couldn't show you it on my nails as you wouldn't be able to see it. However it is absolutley stunning! I am slightly concerned though as I bought it years ago and I don't know whether Claire's still sell it! D: I also don't know if the price has changed, so i'm sorry if it's wrong! I really hope they still sell this as it is so beautiful! 

7. 17 shade 60. Top coat. £2.99. And lastly, I know this is just a top coat and not a very exciting one either but I don't know what I would do without it! If I ever want to jazz up a colour I just add a coat of this and voila, my nails look ten times more exciting! There are a lot of plain, glitter nail top coats competing against this one yet I find this one looks the best!

If you have taken the time to click on my blog or read this, thankyou from the bottom of my heart! I know i'm not brilliant but i'm working on it I promise! (especially my photography skills!) Please, if you have time, let me know how I can improve. Have a wonderful day. Caitlin xxx

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