Saturday, 8 September 2012


Hiya! Wow...this is scary. This is really scary. I don't know how to start this. Ahhh. Ok. Hi. My name is Caitlin. I'm a fifteen year old from England. Welcome! I have been inspired by Zoella and Sprinkleofglitter aka the lovely Zoe and Louise to start up my own blog :) 
God only knows how this is going to turn out! If I find that my 'blogging' skills lack any creativity or talent for that matter I will just conclude that i'm a failure and spend the next few years regretting this. Alternatively, I might actually enjoy it regardless of how good I am & whether (is that the right 'weather/whether to use?? Good start Caitlin...) anyone actually reads it. 
My blog is mainly going to focus on beauty & fashion as they're the only topics I have a vague knowledge and passion for (gosh I sound fun don't I?). However I may from time to time feel the need to mention over things too. Yay. 
I do hope that my blog will be a happy place for everyone and that we can all smile and laugh together & spread sunshine & think that the glass is half full & skip and jump & just bask in our positivity:')  I hope you have a wonderful day, enjoy the rest of your weekend. Love Caitlin xx
p.s feel free to post comments on how I can improve (: x


  1. welcome to blog world :) you should use it as a way of constantly improving, no matter how 'rubbish' you may think you are at times. chances are you're probably not and are doing just fine :)

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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    1. Ahhhhhh thankyou ever so much for actually taking the time to read my blog and give me advice! That means so much to me :) thankyou! xx

  2. Hi :) I saw you left a really nice comment on my Giveaway post, thank you! Your blog looks so cute and this post was really nice to read :)
    I agree with what Helen said and also make sure you write the posts you want to write about, not just what you think people will enjoy. This way you'll actually enjoy wiriting and people will pick up on that which is what makes blogs successful :)
    Also if you add the Followers gadget, people can follow you and have easier access to your blog :) Good luck, Amie xx

    1. Hi! Ahhhhh I adore your blog so much!!! You really inspire and this means so much to me that you've read my post and commented! Thankyou! :)
      Thankyou so much for the advice! That's very useful! I will deffinatley remember that & Ahhh I didn't even realise there was a follower gadget! Hahaa thankyou!!! Caitlin xxx