Saturday, 8 December 2012

November favourite's

November favourite's- sorry about the dodgy winter lighting! (The fact that I took this in the evening probably didn't help either)

Hello lovelies! As it is now the eighth of December (my favourite month!) I think it's about time for my - slightly late- November favourites!  Thinking back over November, it feels as if it only lasted about a week, it literally flew by. Talking of which, can you believe we're already in the last month of 2012?? Last year feels like yesterday. Geez. Anyway, I am so excited that it is now December and i'm counting down the days until Christmas! Here are my November favourites: 

Batiste floral and flirty blush dry shampoo - This has been my little lifesaver this month! My hair is an absolute nightmare if I don't wash it but as washing my hair is time consuming, I don't wash it as frequently as I should! But with this little beauty, I didn't have to worry about bad hair days (which I have a lot!) as it leaves my hair feeling healthy, grease free and smelling wonderful :) Thankyou batiste! 

Collection 2000 shimmering glow powder on 4 espresso - I bought this at the beginning of November and the first time I wore it was on bonfire night and straight away I just loved it! It gives my skin such a healthy, natural looking glow that doesn't look at all fake! An added bonus is that pound land have now started stocking it, so it's incredibly cheap! I love it! 

Lily-Flame winter-wood scented candle - Ahhhhhhh I love Lily Flame candles so much! This one in particular is so gorgeous and Christmass-y and just asdfghjkl. It smells like Christmas trees, snow (?), mulled wine, and apples all AT THE SAME TIME!! I can't get enough of it! I usually buy mine from John Lewis and considering the price of candles these days I think that £7.99 is a very reasonable price (although I would happily spend £20 on one!) 

2true eye defining twist & line no 8 black - I'm usually skeptical when it comes to buying products from brands such as 2true as they're so cheap and I assume that the quality of them will be rubbish. So when I bought this my expectations were not very high. But how wrong was I? I have been wearing this every day, without fail, all month! It applies brilliantly, lasts all day and doesn't smudge unlike most pencils! I don't know how I have managed without this! I will deffinately be repurchasing!

Burts bees lip balm with pomegranate oil - Since the transition from summer to autumn/winter my lips have been getting increasingly dry and chapped but i've been carrying this little lip balm around with me and it has helped me so much! It smells gorgeous, feels great on my lips and gives a nice subtle shine to my lips. I'm a huge fan of Burt's bees and I would recommend all of their products! 

17 fast finish nail polish in Ruby dazzle - I have been wearing this gorgeous nail polish so much this month! I am so terrible at applying nail polish and it always end up looking uneven and messy but I found it applied perfectly and appeared so smooth on my nails, my friend actually complimented on how well she thought I had painted my nails! It is very cheap as well and I would deffinately recommend it if you, like me, struggle at putting nail polish on! 

Eyelash curlers - I'm afraid I can't remember where I originally bought these from but i'm sure you can find some in your nearest Boots or Superdrug at a reasonable price! So this month I have just really loved curling my lashes as it adds so much volume to your lashes without looking unnatural. I never used to use them that much but I have really enjoyed using them this month!

Now time for a few of songs that I have been listening to on repeat this month!

Favorite girl- The Icarus account- So beautiful! Literally one of my favourite songs ever!

Better together- Jack Johnson- Ahhhh so lovely!!

Troublemaker- Olly Murs- TUUUUUUUNE

So I hope you had a lovely November and I hope you've all got your advent calendars and are looking forward to the big day! Thankyou ever so much for reading this! As I am so new to this, feel free to leave a comment letting me know how I can improve! 

Have a lovely day,
Caitlin xxx


  1. cool post ! I love your blog and I'd appreciate if you checked out my blog :)

    1. Hi!! Thankyou ever so much for following my blog! I'm so new to this! and thankyou for the comment!
      I've just looked at your blog and it looks amazing :') I followed x

  2. Love your blog!! The tag is so cute! and also Favorite Girl is one of my all time favorite songs!!!! It's so sweet!